"Working with Charles is like employing a team of big talents for the price of one. Once you’ve collaborated with him, you’ll not want to work with anyone else."

Paul Harvey Aurandt Jr.
Creator and writer of The Rest of the Story
Radio Hall of Fame Writer

“Charles Szczepanek is one of the finest recording engineers I have encountered in a lifetime of music recording.  He excels in all aspects of the trade, whether it be the selection and placement of microphones, editing, or mastering of the final product.  The piano sound he extracts from Arizona State’s Katzin Concert Hall, a difficult recording space, is superior and exemplary.  His editing is fast and amazingly clean, and during the recording process he knows how to offer valued feedback and advice without disturbing the performers’ interpretive purposes.  I recommend him most highly for professional recording projects.” 

Robert Hamilton
Professor of Piano
Arizona State University

“Charles Szczepanek has the gifts that are necessary to be a fine recording engineer. He is first and foremost an accomplished musician himself, which gave our collaboration a unique advantage and a noticeably different dimension. He hears detail that other sound engineers miss, he can offer valuable advice, and his opinions are well-thought and informed. His knowledge and adeptness at working with recording equipment was impressive, particularly when I observed him editing. He is highly skilled and works with ease and confidence. These characteristics make a huge difference in all stages of recording, not only in saving time but more importantly in shaping the end result. I was extremely fortunate to have Charles working as sound engineer on my recording and regard his contribution as truly invaluable. The quality would not have been the same without him.” 

Greg Hamilton
Professor of Cello
Concordia College

“Charles Szczepanek's passion for audio technology goes hand-in-hand with considerable experience as a student and performer of the classical piano repertoire.  He knows what it is to dig deeply into music, and to work hard to achieve the highest possible standards;  he also knows first-hand the tremendous personal commitment needed to step before an audience.  In looking for someone to record my work, I'd be delighted to find someone who brings to the task Charles's combination of gifts.”

Daniel Paul Horn, D.M.A.
Professor of Piano and Chair of Keyboard Studies
Wheaton College (Illinois) Conservatory of Music

"I've known and worked with Charles Szczepanek since 2006. It was clear to me that Charles had a talent for the field of music and audio, and this led to Charles working with me on several projects.  I found him to be conscience, reliable, respectful, and not afraid of work.  In short, Charles would be a positive asset to any endeavor he puts his mind to.  Please feel free to call or contact me for a personal reference.”

Clarke Rigsby
Tempest Recording

“Charles is a very talented musician and pretty darn good engineer running his own company and doing excellent work. I have no hesitation in recommending Charles in either capacity as performing musician or recording technician.”

Ben Taylor
Senior Audio Engineer, KBAQ Production Studio
Owner, OmniClassic Recording

"Charles brings unique gifts and experiences to his work as a recording engineer. His rich experience as a listener and performer make him a most trustworthy ally in recording sessions. The quality of his post-production work will convince you that you are in the best of hands!"

Barton A. Moreau
Faculty Member at Boise State University

"I recently worked with Winding Road Studios to record my concerto for a competition. Charles Szczepanek was very professional and easy to work with. It was wonderful knowing that I had not only a great professional recording artist but that I also had a wonderful musician there as well to help guide me through the recording process. I really appreciated his support and honesty throughout the recording session and he created a relaxed environment in which it was very easy to record. His editing/splicing was absolutely flawless, and the finished product was more than I had hoped for. I would highly recommend Winding Road Studios if you are looking for a great recording experience, fast flawless results, and a fellow musician who knows what it is like to be in the recording seat."

Alisha Bean
Violin Performance, Arizona State University

“The way Mr. Szczepanek treats the performer during the recording session creates the best environment for the player to bring out the highest quality of performance.”

Jennifer Shinyoung Drake-Perry
Piano Performance, Arizona State University

“Charles Szczepanek (Winding Road Studios) did a live recording of my senior recital April 2007, and I was thrilled with the quality of the recording and with how easy he was to work with!  Completely professional, honest and business-like in all our communication.  On the day of my recital, he was prompt and reliable, but best of all, he was un-obtrusive!  He set up the mics in the back, got a quick sound check from me, and then went to work.  He did his job and let me do mine.  Very stress-free.  Perfect for a performer who always has a million other things to think about on the big recital day.  Charles was upfront about his charges and in his estimate of the total cost for his time and work.  He got me my copy of the CD when he promised it, and was always easy to contact.  From beginning to end, a seamless and wonderful experience.  And the product-- a high quality recording!  I would recommend Winding Road Studios to anyone!”

Julie Anne Bunnell
Vocal Performance, Arizona State University

“Winding Road Studios was wonderful to work with.  The recording engineers were prompt in their setup/breakdown at the venue, and the recording turnaround was incredibly efficient. Because Mr. Szczepanek is a musician himself, he gave the recording a distinct touch with attention to subtle color of the instruments, making the finished product sound like the live performance. I would certainly recommend Winding Road and use their services in the future.”

Courtney Gilson-Piercey
Vocal Performance, Arizona State University

Charles behind the camera, producing a session at Pacific Beat Studios, San Diego.

Charles behind the camera, producing a session at Pacific Beat Studios, San Diego.